Friday, December 27, 2013

Goodbye 2013

There are still a few days left in 2013, but I might not update my blog again until January.  It's been a somewhat quiet year for us, which is a good thing.  The most exciting thing that happened for us is finding out we are expecting another baby.  We have a name picked out, but I'm not ready to share it.  I'd like to be able to keep the name a secret until the baby is born.  It's more fun that way.

We had a really great Christmas at our house.  Carleigh was so excited to see Santa had left presents for her.  She got some new books, clothes, and of course, some toys.  She loves her Jake the Pirate Ship and Optimus Prime toys.  She also received gift cards and cash from other family members, so she will get to go shopping tomorrow while we are out.  Heath & I got a bunch of gift cards, mostly for Target, so you know where we are going tomorrow.  Heath bought me a Galaxy Tab 3 and some Prada sunglasses, which I love.  Carleigh had pretty much taken over my Kindle Fire awhile back, so I am glad I have my own tablet again.  I'll be searching for a cover for it at Target.  I got Heath Gran Turismo 6 for the PS3, so he's been playing that in between GTA Online.

My next doctor appointment is Jan 2.  Things have been going good.  The only complaint I've had lately is the random pressure that I feel in the crotch area.  It feels like the baby is trying to come out.  Or, for a better explanation, it feels like someone kicked me in the crotch.  It hurts like a mofo and I'll find out if it's normal at my appointment.  Those pains aren't followed by cramping or bleeding, so I feel it's nothing to worry about.  It's probably completely normal.

We still have a lot of shopping, or should I say, ALL of the shopping to do for the baby.  Nothing has been done.  It's been stressing me out because we had a bunch of Christmas shopping to do and now that Christmas is over, we now have to do baby shopping.  It shouldn't take us too long.  The registry I started at Target has about 30 items on it.  So it's not that bad.  Neither side of the family has bothered to ask if we needed anything for this baby.  I'm not sure if they plan on buying anything or not, so instead of waiting for them, I'm going out and purchasing everything myself.  I have a feeling my parent's and in-law's aren't that excited this time around because this baby is no longer their first.  If that makes any sense.  They sure seem excited to fly out here the second the baby is born to annoy the ever living shit out of me, though.

I'll be trying to update this blog more often in 2014.  With a new baby in the house, we will see how that all goes.  I'll have to chase two kid's around instead of one.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Freezing in Las Vegas

It's been so cold in Las Vegas the past few days.  We had a winter weather advisory yesterday with the possibility of up to two inches of snow, but that never happened.  My car decided to stop working all together in this chilly weather.  It's currently sitting at the dealership to be looked at tomorrow morning.  Last week, my car picked a couple of days to not start right away.  It would take a few tries, but then everything would be in good working order.  On Friday afternoon, when I was trying to leave work, my car refused to start.  Heath had to come over to my work and try to get it to start, but it didn't even work for him.  We left it there and went back Saturday to try to get it going, but it still wouldn't budge.  We ended up calling a tow truck to take it over to the dealership.  We are thinking it's either the fuel pumps or the crank sensor.  We won't know until sometime tomorrow afternoon.  I really hope it's the crank sensor since it's the cheaper item to fix.  We are down to one car for now, so I'll drop Heath off at work and take his car to my office and then switch drivers when I pick him up in the afternoon.  We are both off Tuesday since I have an appointment in the morning and we plan to get some Christmas shopping done while Carleigh is in school.  I really hope to have my car back by Wednesday afternoon.  Fingers crossed!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in previous posts, but we are having another baby GIRL!  My glucose test is at 8am on Tuesday morning.  It's the test where I have to drink that really nasty orange drink in 10 minutes, then wait an hour for the blood test.  Heath is coming with me so I don't have to be so bored while waiting.  Smart phones are great, but they do get boring after about 10 minutes.  I can only play so many rounds of Candy Crush and Words with Friends before I want to fall asleep.

Not a whole lot has been happening in our household.  Heath & I have been playing too much Grand Theft Auto Online.  I've met a lot of great new friends and enjoy laughing at all of our shenanigans in the evenings and on the weekends.  Carleigh's had an off and on cold that keeps springing up whenever it wants.  It's a little annoying for all of us.  At least it's nothing serious.  I started my Christmas shopping a little late this year, but everything will arrive well before the 25th.  See... boring stuff.  I need to find something more interesting to do.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

You're Not My Interior Designer

Can I go on a rant for the next five minutes?

My father-in-law has said he doesn't like our couch.  He thinks it's uncomfortable.  Heath & I love it.  We bought it a couple of years ago when we had to throw out our old leather couch due to damages.  Our couch is a five piece sectional and it's microfiber.  It's a great couch for a house with kid's and pets.  The couch is comfortable for us.  Carleigh always takes naps on it, so it can't be that horrible.  And honestly, if you only come out to visit twice a year, stop complaining.  If you hate our couch, sit your ass on the floor.  Let me know how comfortable that is.

So anyway, my father-in-law kept calling Heath and leaving voicemails today.  He even sent a text that was like, "Can you please call me back NOW!!"  something like that.  When Heath saw that, he was thinking it was some kind of emergency, so while we were shopping, Heath calls his dad back.  I could overhear Heath talking about leather.  So I turn around and just give him that "seriously, is that what was SO important?" look.  His dad kept calling us over a COUCH he saw at Sam's Club.  He told Heath that they found a "nice" leather couch and chair set at Sam's Club for $700 and wanted to buy it for us for Christmas because our couch isn't that great and because of our "situation".  I don't really know what "situation" he's referring to.  First of all, I don't want leather furniture in my house.  Not because it sucks, but because we are going to have not one, but two young kids and pets.  I'll pass on all leather furniture until we're old and retired.  Second of all, you're not our interior decorator.  Stop trying to buy furniture for our house.  If he liked that set, he should've bought it for his own damn house.  Just saying.

I cannot stand the meddling.  I think he assumes that since we are going to have two kid's and plan to go one income or me working part-time only that we won't be able to afford anything ever again.  He forgets that we are being responsible and not buying two brand new cars every six months.  Good for him if he makes six figures, but that doesn't make you "rich" by any means.  We have one car paid off and another to follow within the next five to six months.  There will be some other random small debts paid off too.  If I continued to work full-time and had two kid's in daycare, then we would have a "situation" on our hands because that would be about $1,500/mo for two kid's in daycare.

I just wish they would shut the hell up and worry about themselves.  I'm tired of having them make decisions for our family as if we can't make them for ourselves.  I'm tired of them assuming we have money troubles.  I'm tired of them assuming we can't do anything for ourselves.  They have their adult son (25) living with them still because I know they do the same shit to him too.  He enjoys it, so he figures why should he ever move out.

All I'm saying is, please let us purchase our own furniture for our house and stop complaining about the furniture we bought.  I really don't care if you think our couch is uncomfortable.  That's not my problem.  We bought our couch because it was comfortable for us.  It makes us happy, so deal with it.  Sit on some plastic $5 chair from Walmart if you hate our couch that much.  No one is stopping you from bringing your own chair.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Life As Usual

Carleigh had a blast during Halloween.  She dressed up as Minnie Mouse.  We went down our street and the street next to ours.  That was enough to fill her plastic pumpkin to the brim.  After that, we walked back home so we could hand out some candy.  We didn't have as many kid's show up this year like we did last year.  I think it's because it was a bit cooler than usual here.  We have a decent amount of candy left over.  At least it's the good stuff.

This afternoon, we drove to the Galleria Mall in Henderson.  It's far from our house now and we rarely go there.  We had lunch at Red Robin, another favorite that we don't get to go to often.  Heath & I wanted to get our hair cut.  I also wanted to buy a comforter for Carleigh's bed, but found a micro fleece sheet set instead.  Since it's much cooler here this year than normal (or at least feels that way), I wanted to get her something that would be warmer.  We figured a nice fleece sheet set would be best.  We don't turn the heat on in our house until it's below 40 degrees at night.  The sheet set was listed at $75, but we got it on sale for $34.  Not a bad deal.

After the mall, we went over to Target to get a few things for the house.  Carleigh ran over to the toy section to play with different things.  I found a Red the Firetruck toy and tried to hide it in the cart and give it to her for Christmas, but she spotted it when I put a few other items in the cart.  She was so excited to have a new toy.  She fell asleep while playing with it in the car.  I have other items on Amazon that will be given for Christmas that she won't see until she unwraps them.  I loved shopping for Christmas items with Carleigh in the cart when she was too young to understand.

On Wednesday, we find out if we're having a boy or a girl.  I'm really excited for that appointment because I just NEED to know what colors to purchase and we can pick out a name.  We have a couple of boy names in mind, but still nothing for a girl.  I have a few ideas for girl names, so I'll add those to my list tonight after I ask Heath if he likes them too.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mood Swings

Mood swings are the absolute worse thing about being pregnant.  At least they are to me at this current moment.  I'm not really sure what triggered the mood swings, but I have them and I want to scream.  We went shopping at Target and got groceries after that.  I was feeling moody at the grocery store and all day after that.  It's just awful.

On Thursday, I left work for a couple of hours to see my doctor because I was having some cramp-like pains on my right side.  I found out it was just a round ligament and it's totally normal to have.  I don't remember having something like that when I was pregnant with Carleigh.  It also caused some really awful backaches too.  This pregnancy is definitely harder than my first.  The doctor also told me I wasn't gaining enough weight.  I'm 18 weeks and only up five pounds so far.  Honestly, who cares?  Every woman is different in her pregnancy.  I can't force myself to eat more during the day to gain weight.  If I overeat, it will make me nauseous and uncomfortable.  The holidays are coming up and I'm sure I'll gain enough weight during then.  With Carleigh's pregnancy, I gained too much weight.  So I think my body is just taking it easy this time around.  My 20 week scan is scheduled for November 6.  Then my 3D ultrasound is November 9.  It should be fun since Carleigh gets to go to the 3D appointment.

In other news, we paid off my Jaguar last week.  I am so excited to no longer have a car payment.  Heath's car isn't too far behind.  We are getting closer and closer to becoming a one income family.  If anything, I'll just have to work part-time to help pad things until we can fully reach that goal.  We are trying to avoid having me go back to work full-time after the baby is born because paying for daycare for two is very expensive.  Carleigh starts kindergarten next fall, but I'd still rather be home to drop her off and pick her up every day.  Otherwise we would have to pay the daycare for morning and after school care.  It's just an expense we don't need and would like to try to avoid at all costs.  It's doable.

Carleigh is excited for Halloween.  She's going to be Minnie Mouse this year.  We are taking her to the pumpkin patch tomorrow.  We are painting instead of carving this year.  It will be less of a mess for me to clean up.  That's always a win.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Beautiful Fall Weekend

This weekend has been so gorgeous.  It's been in the low to mid-70's.  Yesterday, we took Carleigh to Bonnie Springs Ranch.  We haven't been out there in two years.  Carleigh rode the train a few times, checked out the petting zoo, and walked around the Old West town.  We had dinner out there and then came home.  It was a fun day.  Carleigh fell asleep in the car on our way home and continued to sleep for about another hour after we got home.  Thankfully she still went to bed at her usual time instead of being wide awake and hyper all night.

We spent today being mostly lazy.  We had lunch at Subway, shopped at Target, and got groceries at Albertsons.  We had to get Carleigh her Halloween costume.  She picked out a really cute Minnie Mouse costume.  She's looking forward to Trick-or-Treating.  What kid isn't?

My next appointment is on Tuesday.  I'll be 17 weeks pregnant.  I hope my doctor will do the gender ultrasound this week.  We have a couple of boy names picked out, but no girl names as of yet.  If my doctor doesn't do the gender ultrasound this week, I have a 3D ultrasound appointment for November 9th scheduled.  I found a good deal on Groupon and purchased it.  That appointment will be during my 20th week of pregnancy.  So we shall see what happens.  I really do hope we can find out on Tuesday.

Next Saturday, I am doing a volunteer event at the park near our house.  It's for a Family, Friends & Fur event.  We get a lot of e-mails through work pointing out volunteer events in the city.  I finally found one that was near my house.  I'll be there from 8am-12pm.  It's a fun event for dog owners and people who want to adopt dogs too.  I've never done a volunteer event outside of work, so this should be fun.  I'll still be representing our company, but it won't be the whole team with me.  It will be a nice change.  I'm looking forward to seeing all of the dogs and the games they have planned.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Family Vacation

We just got back from our Disneyland vacation this afternoon.  It was a very long weekend spent with the in-law's.  For our drive out to California, my mother-in-law read every single billboard from Las Vegas to Anaheim.  My father-in-law would pay attention to everything except the road.  It was even more stressful once we got into the Anaheim area with the crazy California drivers.  We checked into our hotel around 3pm and then headed out towards Newport Beach about an hour later.  Carleigh had such a great time checking out the ocean and playing with her sand castle toys.  We even found a few seashells and brought them home with us.  We were at the beach until sunset (which was GORGEOUS!!) and then headed back to the hotel for the night.

We did Disneyland on Friday without fast passes.  I felt that they weren't needed.  The lines weren't that long.  I've seen worse lines at Six Flags.  I loved the Halloween decorations around the park.  This is my favorite time of year, so seeing Disneyland for the first time in my life during this time of year was so great.  Carleigh loved the Astro Orbiter ride and did that ride twice.  In Toon Town, Carleigh had such a great time on the Roger Rabbit ride.  She doesn't even know who Roger Rabbit is!  She also did that ride twice.  She did all of the rides in Toon Town including the roller coaster.  Carleigh even met Mickey Mouse and Goofy while hanging out in Toon Town.  Minnie Mouse was around, but by time we were getting ready to go in her line, she was on break.  We did check out Minnie's house though.  I think Carleigh got a bigger kick out of that then actually seeing Minnie in person.

On Saturday, we went over to California Adventure Park.  That park was our favorite because of Cars Land.  Carleigh got to meet Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, and Red the Firetruck.  It was so cool.  We headed back to Cars Land when the sunset set to see it all lit up.  It was amazing!  That was my favorite part of the whole park.  Carleigh enjoyed the Bug's Life area too.  The lines were really short and we did a few of those rides twice at Bug's Life.  Carleigh loved the big Ferris wheel.  She wanted to ride in one of the cars that rocked back and forth as the wheel spun around.  It was crazy to go that fast while being so high up in the air, but she was laughing the whole time.  She saw the big roller coaster behind the Ferris wheel but I told her she was way too small for that one.  She is so brave.  I can't handle any large roller coasters anymore.  The kid ones are as far as I will go.

It was a great weekend, but I am glad it's over.  I can't wait until we can go back to Disneyland without any other family.  At times, my in-law's seemed annoyed because I had to take random breaks because I'm pregnant and all of that walking was getting to me much more than others.  My favorite walking shoes no longer felt comfortable after our trip, so I think it's time to get a new pair.  I've had them for a couple of years though.  It's so nice to be back home now.

It's back to work for me tomorrow.  Heath only has to work Tuesday & Wednesday this week.  His parent's leave on Friday, I think.  It will be nice to have my house back to normal after these two weeks.  I'm used to quiet, chill, and relaxing at home.  Not running all over the place.  At least I have an excuse not to be out late... work and being pregnant!  Haha.  :) 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cable Free

Heath & I decided to cancel our cable recently.  It was the best decision we have made.  We had one of the expanded cable packages through Cox.  Most of the time, our TV was on as background noise.  We don't have a lot of TV shows we actually sit down and make a habit of watching.  So instead of spending $75/mo for cable, we decided to axe it out of our budget.  Now we stick to Netflix and Hulu Plus.  A lot of the shows we watch can also be watched on the networks website the day after they air.  So it was nice to keep that extra money in our pockets instead of handing it over to Cox.

The week after next, the in-law's are coming to town for two weeks.  We are going to Disneyland and California Adventure Park over the weekend.  It will be my first time in California and the theme parks.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Carleigh is excited to go to Cars Land at California Adventure Park.  We will probably have a hard time getting her out of there.  I'm hoping we can head out to the beach on Thursday evening.  I've been to the Atlantic Ocean many years ago, so it will be nice to finally get to the Pacific Ocean.  We have lived in Nevada for five years now and could have gone to California at anytime, but we never did.  Now I can cross it off my list of places to go.

We started working on our backyard last weekend.  I helped for about 20 minutes, but since I'm pregnant... I'm pretty useless when it comes to raking up the bigger rocks and smoothing the dirt.  I'll let Heath do a majority of that.  I'll pick out the flowers/shrubs and plant those when it's time.  We are hoping we can have the entire backyard done by spring.  We are going to grass most of the backyard, put a few pavers that lead to Carleigh's play house, and I really want a fire pit for our cooler months.  It will be a fairly easy backyard to maintain, which is what we are going for.

My next appointment is on the 17th.  I'll be 13 weeks pregnant by then.  Everything has been going well so far.  The only downside is anything chicken makes me nauseous and sometimes makes me throw up.  No morning sickness.  Yay!  I've only gained two pounds within the first trimester.  I still have one week to go in the first trimester though, so we will see where I am at weight-wise on Tuesday.  I've had more back aches than last time.  I want to sleep more than last time too.  On the weekends, I will sometimes sleep from 9pm-9am.  It feels great too!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Turning 30

This coming work week is a short one.  My 30th birthday is on Friday and I decided to take both Thursday & Friday off.  Heath is also taking Thursday & Friday off.  Our Thursday is going to start out a little lame.  We have to wait for the garbage disposal mechanic to show up between 8am-12pm.  Something is jammed in it and we need it to start working again ASAP.  I am really hoping the company shows up between 8am-9am.  We don't have huge plans for Thursday, but I don't want to spend half of my day at home.  I am hoping we can go up to Fremont Street and play some games up there like we did last year.  Maybe squeeze in a little shopping too.  I want to head over to the Dooney & Bourke outlet store and see if any of the purses strike an interest.  On Friday, we are going up to Mount Charleston in the early afternoon for some lunch at the lodge and to go hiking on the easy trails.  While it's about 107 degrees in Las Vegas, it's going to be 82 degrees on the mountain.  It's going to be perfect.

The weather has been getting a little bit nicer around here.  It was only 99 degrees yesterday.  We took Carleigh to the park before lunch so she could run around and burn off some energy for a nap.  We ended up taking her back to the park in the afternoon to play at the water park.  She was having a blast.  The water park in our community shoots water out of the ground and the kids fill up water balloons and just have a really good time.  It's not an actual water park with the slides and lazy river.  That kind of water park is a few miles from our house, but I'm not at all interested in going until Carleigh is older because she can't go on any of the other rides except the kiddie area.  It would be a waste of money to go right now.

Carleigh is outside playing with the neighbor's right now as Heath washes/waxes my car.  I'm actually not sure what he's doing out there.  All I know is that he is cleaning my car.  He might not be waxing it.  My car is way overdue for a bath.  I don't take to my car to get washed the entire month of July because that's our monsoon season.  I just let it stay dirty from July 1 until sometime in August.  It will be nice to drive to work in a clean car again... until some bird takes a crap on it.

At my ultrasound on Monday, I was measuring a week behind and we had a heartbeat of 125bpm.  I think I am measuring a week behind because I ovulated a little late in my cycle.  My doctor seemed concerned, but I really do hope it was the late ovulation that is causing all of this.  I am not having any other complications that would indicate a miscarriage was going to happen.  My doctor is having me come back on the 20th for another ultrasound to make sure the baby is growing properly.  I was so nauseous on Friday night.  I threw up a little bit in the evening after my bath.  My fatigue has finally died down this weekend.  It was so bad the last couple of weeks.  There is no need to take a nap today.  It feels great.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm Pregnant

After just a couple of months trying for our second child, we have succeeded.  I'm six weeks pregnant, but haven't announced it to family yet.  My ultrasound is on August 5.  The doctor wants to measure the baby and find the heartbeat.  My estimated due date is 3/19/14.  I don't want to say anything to too many people until I feel confidant about the pregnancy, which should be after the ultrasound appointment.  Since no one in my family reads this blog, I decided to announce it here for now so I can get it off my chest.  I don't want to slip up and have everyone and their mother know within two nano seconds.

Carleigh is excited and she tells me she hopes it's a baby sister.  When I asked her if she would be okay with a baby brother, she said yes.  So it doesn't really matter to her, she just wants a little sibling.  After preschool every day, Carleigh wants to look inside the infant room and see what the babies are doing now.  It's really cute.

This pregnancy is starting out easy for me like Carleigh's did.  No morning sickness or nausea yet.  I've only had sore breasts, headaches, slight cramping, and some gas.  There are times when my lower back hurts too.  The only thing that really bothers me are the headaches.  I've cut out all caffeine.  No more morning cup of coffee.  I just don't want that much caffeine in my body.  We do have green tea bags at work and I'll probably brew some of that in the mornings to replace my coffee ritual.

There is no excitement going on in Las Vegas.  At least not in my world.  It's a little bit cooler, but now the humidity levels are up because of monsoon season.  I'm really looking forward to fall.  I want the A/C off and fresh air blowing throughout the entire house.  We are about two months away from that...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Getting Off My Lazy Butt

My blog has lacked an update or two over the last few weeks.  I've been meaning to blog, but never got around to it.  Naughty me.

Family was in town two weeks ago, but they are now gone and back at their own houses.  It was a busy two weekends with family.  I'm glad it's over.  The weekend my parent's were here, it was 117 degrees on Saturday & Sunday.  The entire valley was under an excessive heat warning, so we stayed indoors all day.  We had food delivered for lunch and dinner.  It was awful.  Carleigh received her power wheel ATV on that Saturday, but in the evening when it was "only" 110 degrees.  She rode it around for about 10 minutes but her face was getting red, so we parked it in the garage and she went back inside the house.

The temperatures have dropped back down to their normal range for Las Vegas.  Today was around 101 degrees.  We go outdoors in the evening to enjoy the weather and let Carleigh play with the neighborhood kid's.  She can also enjoy her power wheel too.

Work is the same old thing.  We are slow.  Guess people aren't really buying houses or refinancing much after the slight rise in interest rates.  I still have enough to keep me busy since I am cross-trained in three different jobs.  My friend & I go to the Farmer's Market every Friday on lunch since it's right around the corner from the office.  That's the only thing I look forward to at work most weeks now.  I'll be making blueberry muffins with all of the blueberries I purchased yesterday.

On Wednesday, I had my one month Lasik check up.  I'm seeing 20/15 in both eyes which is fantastic.  My right eye is experiencing a little bit of dryness, but that could be from our hot, dry climate.  There was also smoke in our air from the Carpenter 1 fire on Mount Charleston last week.  It was really bad.  The dryness isn't that bad though.  I just need to add a couple eye drops in my right eye and it's better.  My next appointment isn't until September.

And last, but not least, I recently received my Sunkissed VoxBox from Influenster.  I will be going through everything in there one by one and doing some reviews on my blog.  It would be nice to actually get one or two reviews done tomorrow.  I have BB Cream and nail polish in there with a few others.  Those two items will be the easiest for me to review.

I look forward to updating in between baking my blueberry muffins and painting my nails.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Been One Week

Today was my one week checkup for my Lasik.  Things still look great.  While doing the eye test, I missed one letter on the 20/15 line and I was only able to read one letter on the 20/10 line.  I'm okay with that though.  There was no way in heck I was expecting eagle vision.  The tear duct plug in my left eye had popped out some time over the week and the doctor put it back in.  She told me to come back at any time it pops out.  It popped out again after I got back to work.  So yes, I was at the Lasik office twice today.  The doctor put in a smaller plug in hopes the plug would stay in, but that didn't work either.  She said my tear duct in my left eye may be shallower than my right and that's why I am having issues with them staying in.  Since I haven't been experiencing dry eyes, she took the plug out of my left eye and told me to come back for a permanent plug if there is dryness.  So far, so good.  My next checkup is July 10 and I am hoping I can get every single letter on the 20/15 line.

For Carleigh's birthday parties, I ordered a Hello Kitty (this week) and a Dora the Explorer (next week) cake.  I love the cakes from Sam's Club.  We ordered her an Angry Birds cake last year from that and it was delicious.  Carleigh wanted a Minnie Mouse cake, but no one had just a Minnie Mouse cake and I didn't feel like going to a cake shop to order one.  Maybe next year I'll get her a really cute fondant Minnie Mouse cake from one of our local bakeries.

After work on Friday, I'll be getting the Jaguar a much needed bath.  That car hasn't been washed since before we left for Phoenix over Memorial Day weekend.  It's a disaster and totally embarrassing to be cruising around town in a dirty car.  There is no rain in the forecast so far.  I'm sure we will get some surprise storms roll through a couple of days after the car is washed.  It always happens.

There will probably be no more updates to my blog until Monday since we will have family in town over the weekend.

Friday, June 14, 2013

My Lasik Experience

Lasik, how I love thee!

Yesterday was my Lasik procedure and things went great!  Heath was my ride to and from the office.  The night before and right before the procedure, I was so nervous.  Before the procedure, I was taken into the exam room to have another round of eye drops put in and to down a Valium and another pain reliever, Tylenol.  The doctor came into the room to introduce himself and let me know what to expect.  A couple of people were ahead of me, so he told me to wait a few minutes and he'd come and get me when it was my turn.  I kept watching the people in front of me walking out and they were not blind, so my nerves started to calm down a bit.

Once it was my turn, I was taken into the procedure room.  It was a basic room with a couple of laser machines and comfortable leather chairs.  I was told to lay back, keep my hands to my side and the whole thing would begin.  The doctor talked me through every single step of the procedure.  The only time there was any type of "pain" was at the very beginning.  I can't even call it pain, it was just a lot of pressure for the first 20 seconds of both eyes.  He put some thing over my eye and you could see white dots, colored dots, and then darkness.  The dots were pretty.  After that, your vision came back and the laser came in to do its thing.  The only thing that was a little weird was when the machine was cutting the flap.  It made a weird buzzing noise and had a smell to it.  It wasn't nasty or anything.  You could just tell something was burning/being cut.  Each eye took about three minutes.  The doctor told me, "Okay, your right eye is done."  My response, "That's it?"  His reply, "Yes.  That was it."  No pains, no headaches, no nothing!

After both eyes were done, I put on the sunglasses given to me in my kit and Heath drove me to get some lunch before going home to rest.  My vision was a bit cloudy/blurry right after the procedure, but that's a given.  My biggest annoyance with the whole thing was the teary eyes and the feeling of having sand in my eyes.  Those are common too, but those two bothered me the most.  I went upstairs to sleep, since it's suggested you do so for at least four hours after the procedure.  The whole time in bed, it felt like I was bawling my eyes out because of the teary-eyes.

Once the nap was over, I got to start taking my prescription eye drops and using my artificial tear drops.  I've never used eye drops of any kind so getting used to it is a bit much at first.  Since I wasn't allowed to watch television, use the computer, read books, etc.. the entire day and evening was boring.  I'll admit I did use Facebook on my phone to let people know I wasn't blind.  Other then that though, I sat on the couch with my eyes closed.

At night, I have to wear goggles to sleep.  It's to avoid rubbing or scratching my eyes.  Those have to be worn for the first 2-3 weeks after the surgery.  It's easier to sleep in them than I thought it would be.  Carleigh told me she likes the goggles and that I should wear them all the time.  She's a dork.

Today is one day after surgery and things are great!  I had my post-op checkup at 10:30am and my vision was 20/20 in both eyes.  My right eye is 20/20 and my left eye is lagging a bit at 20/30.  My eyes are still healing, so I hope by my one week check up I'll have 20/20 in my left eye too.

If anyone was ever thinking of getting Lasik done, I would highly recommend it.  I got the All Laser Premium Lasik and it was amazing.  It's the best thing I have ever spent my money on.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I made some minor changes to my blog today.  The background I chose has more of a Vegas appeal to it.  There is still more things I want to do with it, but I'm not sure what it is yet.  Everything is basic and simple since I'm not a web designer person.

The pre-op appointment for Lasik is scheduled at 3:30pm tomorrow.  My eyes are getting dilated and I find out what time I need to be there for Thursday.  I won't be able to read or write for four hours after the dilation.  Whatever will I do.  I'm starting to get more nervous about the surgery.  I already have my cute pair of polarized Wayfarer's waiting for me to wear, so I just keep looking forward to that.

Carleigh is going to be home from preschool soon and will want to play on her favorite learning website,  So I will make this short.  Next update will hopefully be on Saturday, if I'm not blinded from the surgery.  ;)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Colds

For the past week, I've been stuck with a cold.  It started Friday morning when I woke up with a sore throat.  It really hit me Tuesday when I could barely talk, had a nasty cough, and a runny nose.  I took the day off from work so I could let my voice come back.  On Wednesday, I went back to work when I should have just stayed home.  My nose was dry and having the dry heat here in Las Vegas definitely was not helping.  I got a bloody nose three times at work and once at home.  It was awful.  While at work yesterday, I requested today off in case I needed it.  I'm not as sick as I was on Tuesday and Wednesday, but it was a good idea to let my body heal itself.  We, as a team at work, will be doing volunteer work at Goodwill tomorrow.  It's something I really want to do and don't want to let the team down and skip out because of an illness.  So it was a good idea to stay home and rest.  My voice isn't 100% back yet, but at least my nose isn't a faucet today.  My only issue is the coughing fits I get.  The cough medicine helps.

Next week is my big surgery date for Lasik.  I am really looking forward to it.  I'm more excited to go shopping for a pair of sunglasses this weekend, even though it's going to be 111 degrees.  At least the mall has air conditioning.  I also have to purchase decorations and order cakes for Carleigh's birthday parties.  She will be having two since our families will be flying in on separate weekends.  The parties will be on the 22nd (Heath's family) and the 29th (my parent's).  It would have been nice if everyone would just agree to come out and visit for the same weekend, but whatever.

My biggest rant with family coming out to visit is the time frame people chose.  Everyone is flying in on a Friday evening, landing around 10pm.  That means that will arrive at their hotels around 11:30pm-12am.  Then they fly out on Monday afternoon.  That means we will only get to visit with them on Saturday & Sunday.  The parties will be held on Saturday afternoon.  My mother-in-law wants to take Carleigh shopping on Saturday for her presents, but we won't have time to do it.  She can go shopping before stopping over at our house.  The party starts at 1pm.  So yeah, I'm not really sure how these two weekends will turn out.  My dad has a $100 dining voucher for the casino they are staying at and they want us to eat with them to make sure they use it all.  That means, let's eat $100 worth of food on Sunday.  They don't really need us to eat with them though.  This is Las Vegas.  It's easy to spend $100 at dinner with two people.  My parent's chose a casino that is kind of far from our house and I'm really not in the mood to drive that far, but again, whatever.  No one ever listens to me.  When I tell you a casino is far from our house, and then give you a suggestion for a casino much closer (and off strip), maybe you should take my advice.  After all, I live in this city and know my way around and which casinos are good places to stay.  And to finish, since everyone will only be here for two full days, they will all complain and say, "I really wish we had more time to spend with Carleigh."  And my reply will be, "Well, I didn't book your flights."

I just had to get that off my chest.  Feels great.  :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vacation and Lasik

It's so hard to believe today is the beginning of June.  Carleigh's birthday is just a few weeks away.  It's been awhile since I've updated, so this post might be a little long.  I need to get caught up.

We went down to Phoenix over Memorial Day weekend.  It was our first family vacation.  After we got checked into our hotel on Friday, we went to Rawhide.  It's an old western town on the Gila River Indian community.  Carleigh got to go to the petting zoo and check out all of the neat old western themed shops.  She had more fun in the jail.  Should I be worried?  We also ate dinner at the steakhouse and listened to some good country music.  I love their food there and wish I could eat there more often.  We aren't rich and I don't want to be fat, so that won't be happening.

On Saturday, we went to the Phoenix Zoo, which was the main reason for our vacation.  Carleigh really wanted to see the tigers and lions.  Since those two are big cats, you can imagine what they were doing that day.  Sleeping!  Carleigh still got to see them though, so no complaints.  We also saw zebras running in the field and playing.  We got to see one of the elephants up close.  Since it was a little warm out, the elephant was hanging out near the misters and fans.  I wanted to do the same thing!  There was just so much fun and excitement.  We were at the zoo for five hours.  Great times!  I would love to go down to Phoenix again for the Zoo Lights event in the winter.

Sunday was our relax and do whatever the heck we wanted day.  Heath wanted to check out a brewery in Chandler, so that's exactly what we did.  We had some good food at SanTan Brewing Company.  I'm not a beer drinker, so I cannot comment on the goodness of the beer, but Heath seemed to enjoy it.  After lunch, we went back to the hotel to go swimming.  We went down to Mill Avenue in Tempe in the evening.  It was nice getting a walk in with the family.  On Monday morning, we drove back to Las Vegas.

Moving onto the second topic, I went for my free consultation to see if I was a good candidate for Lasik and it turns out I am.  On June 13, I will be going in for my surgery.  Originally, I planned on doing this surgery in July, but was able to find a good time to get in before family started flying into town for Carleigh's birthday.  It will be so nice not to have two pairs of glasses anymore.  Right now, I have my glasses and then prescription sunglasses.  I hate lugging around two pairs of glasses everyday.  This coming weekend, Heath is taking me shopping for some sunglasses that I can wear after the surgery.  I'll be taking the Friday off after the surgery to get used to my "new eyes".  Technically, I can go back to work the next day, but why bother?

I hope to get another post or two squeezed in before my surgery.  It's going to be hectic in our house the end of June for Carleigh's birthday.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Hour

It's Happy Hour time in our household.  Not alcohol.  Starbucks!  I noticed this afternoon that they had their half priced frappuccino's back.  We got two venti drinks for $4.96.  Holla!  Now that I am caffeinated, I have the energy to blog.

One of our plants in our front yard died and we had to replace it.  I walked around Star Nursery for awhile looking for the perfect plant and the Dwarf Bottlebrush stuck out to me.  The plant attracts hummingbirds so I knew it would be a win for our house.  Heath put it into the ground yesterday and it looks so great.  I want to get more!  There is another plant that looks like it's struggling.  I keep clipping off any dead branches.  If it won't flourish back to life, I'll replace it with another Dwarf Bottlebrush.

Mother's Day is next weekend.  Where has this year gone?  Heath bought me a touchscreen aftermarket radio for my Jaguar.  I'm excited to get it installed and be able to sync my phone and radio with the Bluetooth.  The radio should be here by the end of the week.  I can't wait to play around with it once it gets installed.  Heath wants to go to the local butcher shop to get some filet mignon to grill for Mother's Day too.  All I need is some good steak (or salmon, I'm not picky), sweet corn, and a bottle of wine (as long as no positive pregnancy test appears within now and next week) and my Mother's Day will be complete.

Carleigh has made quite a few new friends recently.  There were two kid's who recently moved in across the street.  The family who is renting the house next door have a little girl too.  So they are always outside playing together.  All of the kid's have those Razor scooters, but Carleigh doesn't have one.  Since her birthday is next month, Heath & I are going to get her a scooter.  My parent's sent me money to buy Carleigh an ATV power wheel from Sam's Club for them so they won't have to go shopping after they get here.  Carleigh is going to lose her mind when she sees what she gets this year.

Work life has been kind of slow.  I'm waiting for it to get busy again.  I hate slow periods.  So here's to hoping we will get more busier over the next few weeks.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Time For Another Baby?

Heath & I decided that we would like to try to conceive another baby.  We feel we are in a good position to add another family member.  We finally have a house of our own and my car will be paid off in February.  We still have the baby crib that Carleigh used as a baby as well as the stroller/car seat combo.  Carleigh is going to be four in June, so we think it's the right time to have a second child before there is a really huge age gap.  If we are successful this month, the baby would be due in January.  I do not expect the first month to be successful since I know conception can be a challenge.  I am really hoping whenever I do get pregnant that it will be smooth and no complications.  I've had a couple of miscarriages in the past before becoming pregnant with Carleigh.  The miscarriage fear is always in the back of my mind.

Heath spent all of last week in Salt Lake City for work.  He had to fly up there to train the guy at that location and clean up their shop.  It is odd they would send a manager from Las Vegas to a location that isn't even his to train someone else.  So I am hoping his company is looking at him as a possible district manager.  The district manager for that location was just promoted, last week, to a higher district manager position.  Not sure of the exact title, but that means the company probably needs to fill her old position.  It would be nice if Heath received that job promotion.  He would go strictly to salary, but at least it would be more money.

Carleigh starts her new preschool tomorrow.  She is really excited about it.  We went to the grocery store yesterday to pick out different foods she would like me to pack in her lunches for the week.  It's such a change to pack her lunches for her since her previous preschool provided breakfast and lunch for us.  Her new preschool only provides morning/afternoon snacks and milk or juice for lunch.  Carleigh picked out a really cute Hello Kitty lunch bag, which I am sure she will want to show off to all of her new friends tomorrow.  I cannot wait to ask her about her day tomorrow when we pick her up after work.

Since Heath's car is out of service right now (it needs a new radiator), I will be dropping him off and picking him up from work for a couple of days this week.  The only positive I like about it is that he will be able to drop Carleigh off with me for her first day at the new preschool.  The negative?  Using all of my gas again.  Right when I got Carleigh to a new daycare where I don't have to use so much gas, I still have to drive in that direction to drop Heath off.  At least he works right off of the freeway I need to get to work.  His radiator should be here by Tuesday.  It's coming from Arizona.  So let's hope it shows up when it says it will so I don't have to play taxi.  Heath said he was going to use his floating holiday the company gave him for working so many hours last month to fix his car once the radiator arrives.

This post ended up being longer than I thought it would be.  Please send your good vibes for the conception of our second child.  Thank you!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Spring

It's so nice to have spring weather again.  The only downside is the huge amounts of pollen in the air.  When I went upstairs to wash my face last night, there was a green mucus that came out of my left eye.  It was gross.  I went downstairs and searched the internet to see what it could have been.  Nothing really stuck out to me.  I did see on one website that I could experience my eye getting stuck shut from the mucus.  That did happen to me a few times last night.  I woke up and my left eye felt glued shut.  When I rubbed my eyes a bit, I could feel dried mucus or what felt like those "eye boogers".  It really sucked.  When I searched online this morning, a bunch of stuff about pink eye came up, but my eyes aren't pink/red.  I'm thinking the eye irritation was caused by all of the pollen in the air.  It was a little windy yesterday afternoon and we were outside pretty much all day.  My eye seems a lot better this afternoon.  I get the occasional blurriness.  If I have the same problem tonight, with the mucus, I'll go see my optometrist.  I need an eye exam anyway.

Last weekend, a co-worker of mine gave us her piano for free.  She is moving to Montana as soon as her husband gets a job up there.  It was so nice of her to give it to us.  She didn't want to leave it in storage.  It needs a little TLC and a slight tune.  The tune might not be necessary as it sounds all right to me.  Carleigh is so excited to have it in the house.  I'd love to get her piano lessons so she can play us some tunes when she's older.  It's a Melville Clark piano.  It's a nice piece to have in our living room.  I'm also fortunate we didn't have to pay a penny for it.

Carleigh starts her new preschool on the 22nd.  It would have been sooner, but I couldn't find her original birth certificate.  I know it's in the house, but it's in a super secret hiding spot and I cannot remember where that place is at the moment.  I sent Heath to go pick up a copy of the birth certificate on his day off.  Then Carleigh had to get a wellness check up done and a record of all of her immunizations.  Heath dropped off all of the paperwork on Friday and now we are all set.  Carleigh is really excited.  I know the next two weeks at her current preschool is going go by so slow for her.

Speaking of the wellness check up, Carleigh is very healthy.  She is 38 1/4 inches tall and weighs 30.6 pounds.  She is so small.  The nurse drew some blood from Carleigh's fingertip to make sure she had no lead in her blood.  Carleigh came out clear and she didn't cry at all about the finger prick.  I'm so glad I have a brave and healthy little girl.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chillaxin' in the Backyard

I'm updating my blog from the comfort of our backyard on this 85 degree Saturday.  Heath has the charcoal burning down in the grill.  We have some steaks and corn on the cob about to be thrown on the grill.  I'm drinking a Mike's Hard Winter Blackberry, Heath is drinking one of his IPA's.  I love this time of year in Las Vegas.  Not hot and not cold.  It's perfect.

On Monday morning, we are having our soft water and reverse osmosis system installed at the house.  The water in Las Vegas is horrible.  The only times we get to use soft water is when we go back to visit family in Wisconsin/Illinois.  It will be the greatest thing ever once our house has everything installed.  My skin and hair will look and feel so much better.

After the installation is complete, I am taking Carleigh to the preschool around the corner from our house.  Carleigh recently got a new teacher in her room at her current daycare and I do not like her at all.  This young lady acts like a child and is a borderline bully when the children are having a tough time.  She mocks Carleigh and the rest of the kid's in her room when they are crying after falling down or are just upset in general.  It's just not something that is acceptable for me.  We kept Carleigh at this daycare after we moved, even though it was way out of our way, because she had a really great teacher.  Since that teacher moved on to a different job, it's just time for me to take Carleigh out of her current daycare and get her to a place that's much closer to home.

After work yesterday, Carleigh & I went into Target so I could buy The Sims 3.  I've loved playing that game since the original game came out.  I still remember playing the Livin' Large expansion.  I have Sims 2, but it wasn't that fun at all.  It was enough to cure your boredom for a short period of time.  The Sims 3 is fun and time slips away from you quickly while playing.  I was going to buy an expansion pack with the game, but decided not to at this time.  I wanted to get used to the features of The Sims 3 before I bought anything else.

In other house news, we are going to paint Carleigh's room purple.  She has been stuck on this idea for a month now.  We brought home some of those paint sample sheets from Home Depot this afternoon.  Carleigh is picking out colors that are just a bit darker than your normal lilac color, but not as dark as midnight purple shade.  We also have plans to paint our half bathroom downstairs and the accent wall in our kitchen/dining room.  Carleigh's room takes top priority.  It will be a lot of fun painting her room since she chose purple.

That's all I have today.  I'm going to enjoy the rest of my Winter Blackberry drink before our dinner comes off the grill.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mind Your Own Business

One thing that really gets under my skin are people who try to tell you how to handle your life.  I work with this woman who feels the need to criticize anything and everything I do.  At lunch, she will take a look at my food and say things like, "You're eating pasta?  That's going to make you fat."  This woman is at least 80 lbs overweight.  So for someone who weighs far more than myself, don't give me nutritional advice.  I count my calories on a daily basis and know what I am eating.  I do not judge her for eating those sodium-loaded Ramen Noodle cups every single day.  If someone wants to live off of Ramen Noodles, go for it.

This woman also tells me instead of driving to San Diego, our family of three should fly because it would be cheaper.  I'm not sure what planet she lives on, but it costs so much more to fly then to drive.  Even if gas was $5 a gallon, it would be far less expensive to take the five hour car ride then to get on an airplane and pay $465 round trip for the three of us.  I get it, the plane would get us there faster, but why spend hundreds of more dollars when it's easier to take a car?  I'm not a fan of getting groped by the TSA agents.  And has anyone flown with a pre-school aged kid?  It's not exactly fun...

I am the only person she criticizes on a daily basis.  I'm not exactly sure what I ever did to her, but it has gotten so annoying.  I'm not sure if it's jealousy or what.  She never acts this way towards the other woman we eat lunch with.  If she doesn't stop with her nastiness, my inner bitch is going to come out and she's not going to ever want to be in the same room as me.  I could stoop to her level, but what would that prove.  It wouldn't be too hard to move my lunch schedule around and go at 12:30pm instead of 12pm, but it would suck because I really do enjoy eating lunch with the other two women.  Since I don't feel a workplace should be treated like high school, I'm not going to put the other two in a position where they have to chose who to sit with at lunch.  That's just childish.

If I don't show up at lunch, maybe she will start judging and criticizing someone else.  Her toxic behavior will slowly start to infect everyone else.  I can't avoid her completely because we are on the same team.  So I have decided that the best way to avoid any of her bullshit is to take a later lunch.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


We had our potluck at work yesterday.  I had entirely way too much to eat, but couldn't resist trying at least one bite of everyone's dish.  Since I had too much to eat yesterday at lunch, I barely touched my dinner.  I found a Grape Salad recipe on Pinterest and brought it as my dish.  I wanted something simple to bring and this was it.  You more than likely already have all of the ingredients in your home to make this.  I stuck to the basics.  Cream cheese, sour cream, vanilla extract, and sugar.  I only used red grapes this time around.  Once I was done mixing everything together, I added the crushed Butterfingers.  The Butterfingers give this salad the extra crunch.  Once I brought my dish into our meeting room and took the tinfoil off, everyone went crazy and wanted to know what I had made.  After everyone gave it a try, I had everyone telling me they wanted the recipe.  Not bad for having never made this before and taste testing it on my co-workers.

This Grape Salad will probably turn into my next comfort food.  Yeah, it's not the healthiest thing in the world to eat, but what's the fun in life if you never eat something like this once in awhile?  One of my co-workers suggested using yogurt and crushed graham crackers in the recipe which would work really well too.  I'll give that a try next time.

With all of the overtime I worked last week (17 hrs), it was nice to end my week with a potluck.  My manager informed us that we will still have voluntary overtime available next week too.  Definitely going to take advantage of that.  I had my performance review earlier in the week and it went well.  My manager did mention she wanted me to take on more leadership roles, but did not go into detail as to what she would like me to do exactly.  I hate taking charge of something because it might step on the toes of another person.  I'll figure something out while I work on my portion of the review which is due on March 7.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's Been Too Long

Happy 2013!

It's been way too long since I have updated my blog.  My sincerest apologies.  I lost interest in my blog and realized I needed a topic/subject that will keep me motivated to blog about.  Over the past month, I've really been into trying new recipes found on Pinterest.  I'd love to start reviewing some of these recipes on my blog.  We have a potluck at work this Friday and I found a delicious looking recipe for Grape Salad.  Since I've never made it before today, I'll be using my co-workers as my taste testers.

Speaking of work, we are back on voluntary overtime.  Since I am addicted to overtime, you know what I'm doing from 5am-5pm Monday-Friday.  The extra money is so nice.  Especially while saving up money for our landscaping in the backyard.  I'm really tired of looking at dirt and rocks.  I will never understand how people can live in a house for years and never do anything with their backyards.

The weather is getting nicer here and I'm really looking forward to spending a majority of our days outdoors.  Heath & I are going to buy a Weber grill next pay period.  We would have bought one sooner, but the Jaguar needed new tires and an alignment this weekend.  Since we don't put cheap junk tires on our vehicles, the new tires ate up pretty much my entire paycheck.  The car rides so much smoother now with the new tires.  The alignment was all out of whack from the previous owner, so I am so glad we were able to get this all taken care of this weekend.

I'm really looking forward to blogging more often.  Not once a month or once every six months.  There are so many recipes and DIY projects I want to do this year.  It will keep me busy and give me something to blog about.