Saturday, November 2, 2013

Life As Usual

Carleigh had a blast during Halloween.  She dressed up as Minnie Mouse.  We went down our street and the street next to ours.  That was enough to fill her plastic pumpkin to the brim.  After that, we walked back home so we could hand out some candy.  We didn't have as many kid's show up this year like we did last year.  I think it's because it was a bit cooler than usual here.  We have a decent amount of candy left over.  At least it's the good stuff.

This afternoon, we drove to the Galleria Mall in Henderson.  It's far from our house now and we rarely go there.  We had lunch at Red Robin, another favorite that we don't get to go to often.  Heath & I wanted to get our hair cut.  I also wanted to buy a comforter for Carleigh's bed, but found a micro fleece sheet set instead.  Since it's much cooler here this year than normal (or at least feels that way), I wanted to get her something that would be warmer.  We figured a nice fleece sheet set would be best.  We don't turn the heat on in our house until it's below 40 degrees at night.  The sheet set was listed at $75, but we got it on sale for $34.  Not a bad deal.

After the mall, we went over to Target to get a few things for the house.  Carleigh ran over to the toy section to play with different things.  I found a Red the Firetruck toy and tried to hide it in the cart and give it to her for Christmas, but she spotted it when I put a few other items in the cart.  She was so excited to have a new toy.  She fell asleep while playing with it in the car.  I have other items on Amazon that will be given for Christmas that she won't see until she unwraps them.  I loved shopping for Christmas items with Carleigh in the cart when she was too young to understand.

On Wednesday, we find out if we're having a boy or a girl.  I'm really excited for that appointment because I just NEED to know what colors to purchase and we can pick out a name.  We have a couple of boy names in mind, but still nothing for a girl.  I have a few ideas for girl names, so I'll add those to my list tonight after I ask Heath if he likes them too.

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