Friday, December 27, 2013

Goodbye 2013

There are still a few days left in 2013, but I might not update my blog again until January.  It's been a somewhat quiet year for us, which is a good thing.  The most exciting thing that happened for us is finding out we are expecting another baby.  We have a name picked out, but I'm not ready to share it.  I'd like to be able to keep the name a secret until the baby is born.  It's more fun that way.

We had a really great Christmas at our house.  Carleigh was so excited to see Santa had left presents for her.  She got some new books, clothes, and of course, some toys.  She loves her Jake the Pirate Ship and Optimus Prime toys.  She also received gift cards and cash from other family members, so she will get to go shopping tomorrow while we are out.  Heath & I got a bunch of gift cards, mostly for Target, so you know where we are going tomorrow.  Heath bought me a Galaxy Tab 3 and some Prada sunglasses, which I love.  Carleigh had pretty much taken over my Kindle Fire awhile back, so I am glad I have my own tablet again.  I'll be searching for a cover for it at Target.  I got Heath Gran Turismo 6 for the PS3, so he's been playing that in between GTA Online.

My next doctor appointment is Jan 2.  Things have been going good.  The only complaint I've had lately is the random pressure that I feel in the crotch area.  It feels like the baby is trying to come out.  Or, for a better explanation, it feels like someone kicked me in the crotch.  It hurts like a mofo and I'll find out if it's normal at my appointment.  Those pains aren't followed by cramping or bleeding, so I feel it's nothing to worry about.  It's probably completely normal.

We still have a lot of shopping, or should I say, ALL of the shopping to do for the baby.  Nothing has been done.  It's been stressing me out because we had a bunch of Christmas shopping to do and now that Christmas is over, we now have to do baby shopping.  It shouldn't take us too long.  The registry I started at Target has about 30 items on it.  So it's not that bad.  Neither side of the family has bothered to ask if we needed anything for this baby.  I'm not sure if they plan on buying anything or not, so instead of waiting for them, I'm going out and purchasing everything myself.  I have a feeling my parent's and in-law's aren't that excited this time around because this baby is no longer their first.  If that makes any sense.  They sure seem excited to fly out here the second the baby is born to annoy the ever living shit out of me, though.

I'll be trying to update this blog more often in 2014.  With a new baby in the house, we will see how that all goes.  I'll have to chase two kid's around instead of one.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Freezing in Las Vegas

It's been so cold in Las Vegas the past few days.  We had a winter weather advisory yesterday with the possibility of up to two inches of snow, but that never happened.  My car decided to stop working all together in this chilly weather.  It's currently sitting at the dealership to be looked at tomorrow morning.  Last week, my car picked a couple of days to not start right away.  It would take a few tries, but then everything would be in good working order.  On Friday afternoon, when I was trying to leave work, my car refused to start.  Heath had to come over to my work and try to get it to start, but it didn't even work for him.  We left it there and went back Saturday to try to get it going, but it still wouldn't budge.  We ended up calling a tow truck to take it over to the dealership.  We are thinking it's either the fuel pumps or the crank sensor.  We won't know until sometime tomorrow afternoon.  I really hope it's the crank sensor since it's the cheaper item to fix.  We are down to one car for now, so I'll drop Heath off at work and take his car to my office and then switch drivers when I pick him up in the afternoon.  We are both off Tuesday since I have an appointment in the morning and we plan to get some Christmas shopping done while Carleigh is in school.  I really hope to have my car back by Wednesday afternoon.  Fingers crossed!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in previous posts, but we are having another baby GIRL!  My glucose test is at 8am on Tuesday morning.  It's the test where I have to drink that really nasty orange drink in 10 minutes, then wait an hour for the blood test.  Heath is coming with me so I don't have to be so bored while waiting.  Smart phones are great, but they do get boring after about 10 minutes.  I can only play so many rounds of Candy Crush and Words with Friends before I want to fall asleep.

Not a whole lot has been happening in our household.  Heath & I have been playing too much Grand Theft Auto Online.  I've met a lot of great new friends and enjoy laughing at all of our shenanigans in the evenings and on the weekends.  Carleigh's had an off and on cold that keeps springing up whenever it wants.  It's a little annoying for all of us.  At least it's nothing serious.  I started my Christmas shopping a little late this year, but everything will arrive well before the 25th.  See... boring stuff.  I need to find something more interesting to do.