Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Hour

It's Happy Hour time in our household.  Not alcohol.  Starbucks!  I noticed this afternoon that they had their half priced frappuccino's back.  We got two venti drinks for $4.96.  Holla!  Now that I am caffeinated, I have the energy to blog.

One of our plants in our front yard died and we had to replace it.  I walked around Star Nursery for awhile looking for the perfect plant and the Dwarf Bottlebrush stuck out to me.  The plant attracts hummingbirds so I knew it would be a win for our house.  Heath put it into the ground yesterday and it looks so great.  I want to get more!  There is another plant that looks like it's struggling.  I keep clipping off any dead branches.  If it won't flourish back to life, I'll replace it with another Dwarf Bottlebrush.

Mother's Day is next weekend.  Where has this year gone?  Heath bought me a touchscreen aftermarket radio for my Jaguar.  I'm excited to get it installed and be able to sync my phone and radio with the Bluetooth.  The radio should be here by the end of the week.  I can't wait to play around with it once it gets installed.  Heath wants to go to the local butcher shop to get some filet mignon to grill for Mother's Day too.  All I need is some good steak (or salmon, I'm not picky), sweet corn, and a bottle of wine (as long as no positive pregnancy test appears within now and next week) and my Mother's Day will be complete.

Carleigh has made quite a few new friends recently.  There were two kid's who recently moved in across the street.  The family who is renting the house next door have a little girl too.  So they are always outside playing together.  All of the kid's have those Razor scooters, but Carleigh doesn't have one.  Since her birthday is next month, Heath & I are going to get her a scooter.  My parent's sent me money to buy Carleigh an ATV power wheel from Sam's Club for them so they won't have to go shopping after they get here.  Carleigh is going to lose her mind when she sees what she gets this year.

Work life has been kind of slow.  I'm waiting for it to get busy again.  I hate slow periods.  So here's to hoping we will get more busier over the next few weeks.