Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy New Year

I realize we're 19 days into the New Year, but I haven't found the time to blog recently.  I wanted to update this last weekend, but I had a cold and didn't want to type in between my nasty coughs every three minutes.

Not too much has been going on here.  We've been shopping around for a new dining room set, but haven't found anything we liked yet.  We plan on waiting until President's Day weekend to purchase one.  Maybe then there will be better sales.

Carleigh switched classrooms at school because of a bully.  It's really sad that kid's her age bully other children already.  This boy calls her names and punches her.  The teacher's in her classroom didn't seem to do much of anything about it.  This had been an ongoing issue for a couple of months.  When we called the director to talk to her about the issue, she gave us the option to have the two separated or to change classrooms.  We tried the separation thing for a couple of days, but then that same boy decided to punch Carleigh in the stomach and call her names again.  So we called the director again and requested a room change.  Carleigh's first day in her new room was on Friday and she came home so happy.  Her new teacher said that Carleigh was well-behaved and well-mannered and she loved having her in her classroom.  Carleigh did all of her worksheets and had a blast with their art projects.  In her other room, the teacher's had a hard time getting her to complete her work or even start it for that matter.  I think it was because of that boy bugging her all the time.  I'm glad she's happy in her new classroom.  She gets to leave preschool once I go on maternity leave.  From there, we will just do some homeschool stuff until kindergarten starts in the fall.

Speaking of maternity leave, I plan on leaving when I am at the 36 week mark.  That will be the last week of February.  I'll be starting week 31 this week.  It's crazy how fast time flies by when you're pregnant.  I've had some Braxton Hicks contractions every now and again, but nothing that warrants a trip to the hospital.  Hopefully it stays that way until my 38th week of pregnancy, although I'd like the baby to stay put until my 40th week.  We shall see what happens.  Carleigh was born when I was 38 weeks.

It's been in the 70's in Las Vegas the past few days.  Heath was out in the backyard clearing out the rest of the rocks today.  We want to build our own fire pit back there and then get the dirt delivered to plant the grass.  Doing the backyard ourselves is nice, but it's really hard work and takes a long time.  We didn't want to spend $2,000 to have a company come in and do it when we could save money by doing it ourselves.  It will be so nice once it's all completed.  I'll purchase some really nice outdoor furniture and spend all of my free time in the backyard.

I have tomorrow and Tuesday off from work.  Carleigh is out of school tomorrow, too.  So we are planning on getting some lunch from Subway then taking it to the park for a little picnic.  After that, Carleigh can plan on the playground until she wears herself out for the day.