Sunday, April 21, 2013

Time For Another Baby?

Heath & I decided that we would like to try to conceive another baby.  We feel we are in a good position to add another family member.  We finally have a house of our own and my car will be paid off in February.  We still have the baby crib that Carleigh used as a baby as well as the stroller/car seat combo.  Carleigh is going to be four in June, so we think it's the right time to have a second child before there is a really huge age gap.  If we are successful this month, the baby would be due in January.  I do not expect the first month to be successful since I know conception can be a challenge.  I am really hoping whenever I do get pregnant that it will be smooth and no complications.  I've had a couple of miscarriages in the past before becoming pregnant with Carleigh.  The miscarriage fear is always in the back of my mind.

Heath spent all of last week in Salt Lake City for work.  He had to fly up there to train the guy at that location and clean up their shop.  It is odd they would send a manager from Las Vegas to a location that isn't even his to train someone else.  So I am hoping his company is looking at him as a possible district manager.  The district manager for that location was just promoted, last week, to a higher district manager position.  Not sure of the exact title, but that means the company probably needs to fill her old position.  It would be nice if Heath received that job promotion.  He would go strictly to salary, but at least it would be more money.

Carleigh starts her new preschool tomorrow.  She is really excited about it.  We went to the grocery store yesterday to pick out different foods she would like me to pack in her lunches for the week.  It's such a change to pack her lunches for her since her previous preschool provided breakfast and lunch for us.  Her new preschool only provides morning/afternoon snacks and milk or juice for lunch.  Carleigh picked out a really cute Hello Kitty lunch bag, which I am sure she will want to show off to all of her new friends tomorrow.  I cannot wait to ask her about her day tomorrow when we pick her up after work.

Since Heath's car is out of service right now (it needs a new radiator), I will be dropping him off and picking him up from work for a couple of days this week.  The only positive I like about it is that he will be able to drop Carleigh off with me for her first day at the new preschool.  The negative?  Using all of my gas again.  Right when I got Carleigh to a new daycare where I don't have to use so much gas, I still have to drive in that direction to drop Heath off.  At least he works right off of the freeway I need to get to work.  His radiator should be here by Tuesday.  It's coming from Arizona.  So let's hope it shows up when it says it will so I don't have to play taxi.  Heath said he was going to use his floating holiday the company gave him for working so many hours last month to fix his car once the radiator arrives.

This post ended up being longer than I thought it would be.  Please send your good vibes for the conception of our second child.  Thank you!

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