Saturday, February 23, 2013


We had our potluck at work yesterday.  I had entirely way too much to eat, but couldn't resist trying at least one bite of everyone's dish.  Since I had too much to eat yesterday at lunch, I barely touched my dinner.  I found a Grape Salad recipe on Pinterest and brought it as my dish.  I wanted something simple to bring and this was it.  You more than likely already have all of the ingredients in your home to make this.  I stuck to the basics.  Cream cheese, sour cream, vanilla extract, and sugar.  I only used red grapes this time around.  Once I was done mixing everything together, I added the crushed Butterfingers.  The Butterfingers give this salad the extra crunch.  Once I brought my dish into our meeting room and took the tinfoil off, everyone went crazy and wanted to know what I had made.  After everyone gave it a try, I had everyone telling me they wanted the recipe.  Not bad for having never made this before and taste testing it on my co-workers.

This Grape Salad will probably turn into my next comfort food.  Yeah, it's not the healthiest thing in the world to eat, but what's the fun in life if you never eat something like this once in awhile?  One of my co-workers suggested using yogurt and crushed graham crackers in the recipe which would work really well too.  I'll give that a try next time.

With all of the overtime I worked last week (17 hrs), it was nice to end my week with a potluck.  My manager informed us that we will still have voluntary overtime available next week too.  Definitely going to take advantage of that.  I had my performance review earlier in the week and it went well.  My manager did mention she wanted me to take on more leadership roles, but did not go into detail as to what she would like me to do exactly.  I hate taking charge of something because it might step on the toes of another person.  I'll figure something out while I work on my portion of the review which is due on March 7.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's Been Too Long

Happy 2013!

It's been way too long since I have updated my blog.  My sincerest apologies.  I lost interest in my blog and realized I needed a topic/subject that will keep me motivated to blog about.  Over the past month, I've really been into trying new recipes found on Pinterest.  I'd love to start reviewing some of these recipes on my blog.  We have a potluck at work this Friday and I found a delicious looking recipe for Grape Salad.  Since I've never made it before today, I'll be using my co-workers as my taste testers.

Speaking of work, we are back on voluntary overtime.  Since I am addicted to overtime, you know what I'm doing from 5am-5pm Monday-Friday.  The extra money is so nice.  Especially while saving up money for our landscaping in the backyard.  I'm really tired of looking at dirt and rocks.  I will never understand how people can live in a house for years and never do anything with their backyards.

The weather is getting nicer here and I'm really looking forward to spending a majority of our days outdoors.  Heath & I are going to buy a Weber grill next pay period.  We would have bought one sooner, but the Jaguar needed new tires and an alignment this weekend.  Since we don't put cheap junk tires on our vehicles, the new tires ate up pretty much my entire paycheck.  The car rides so much smoother now with the new tires.  The alignment was all out of whack from the previous owner, so I am so glad we were able to get this all taken care of this weekend.

I'm really looking forward to blogging more often.  Not once a month or once every six months.  There are so many recipes and DIY projects I want to do this year.  It will keep me busy and give me something to blog about.