Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm Pregnant

After just a couple of months trying for our second child, we have succeeded.  I'm six weeks pregnant, but haven't announced it to family yet.  My ultrasound is on August 5.  The doctor wants to measure the baby and find the heartbeat.  My estimated due date is 3/19/14.  I don't want to say anything to too many people until I feel confidant about the pregnancy, which should be after the ultrasound appointment.  Since no one in my family reads this blog, I decided to announce it here for now so I can get it off my chest.  I don't want to slip up and have everyone and their mother know within two nano seconds.

Carleigh is excited and she tells me she hopes it's a baby sister.  When I asked her if she would be okay with a baby brother, she said yes.  So it doesn't really matter to her, she just wants a little sibling.  After preschool every day, Carleigh wants to look inside the infant room and see what the babies are doing now.  It's really cute.

This pregnancy is starting out easy for me like Carleigh's did.  No morning sickness or nausea yet.  I've only had sore breasts, headaches, slight cramping, and some gas.  There are times when my lower back hurts too.  The only thing that really bothers me are the headaches.  I've cut out all caffeine.  No more morning cup of coffee.  I just don't want that much caffeine in my body.  We do have green tea bags at work and I'll probably brew some of that in the mornings to replace my coffee ritual.

There is no excitement going on in Las Vegas.  At least not in my world.  It's a little bit cooler, but now the humidity levels are up because of monsoon season.  I'm really looking forward to fall.  I want the A/C off and fresh air blowing throughout the entire house.  We are about two months away from that...

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