Sunday, November 10, 2013

You're Not My Interior Designer

Can I go on a rant for the next five minutes?

My father-in-law has said he doesn't like our couch.  He thinks it's uncomfortable.  Heath & I love it.  We bought it a couple of years ago when we had to throw out our old leather couch due to damages.  Our couch is a five piece sectional and it's microfiber.  It's a great couch for a house with kid's and pets.  The couch is comfortable for us.  Carleigh always takes naps on it, so it can't be that horrible.  And honestly, if you only come out to visit twice a year, stop complaining.  If you hate our couch, sit your ass on the floor.  Let me know how comfortable that is.

So anyway, my father-in-law kept calling Heath and leaving voicemails today.  He even sent a text that was like, "Can you please call me back NOW!!"  something like that.  When Heath saw that, he was thinking it was some kind of emergency, so while we were shopping, Heath calls his dad back.  I could overhear Heath talking about leather.  So I turn around and just give him that "seriously, is that what was SO important?" look.  His dad kept calling us over a COUCH he saw at Sam's Club.  He told Heath that they found a "nice" leather couch and chair set at Sam's Club for $700 and wanted to buy it for us for Christmas because our couch isn't that great and because of our "situation".  I don't really know what "situation" he's referring to.  First of all, I don't want leather furniture in my house.  Not because it sucks, but because we are going to have not one, but two young kids and pets.  I'll pass on all leather furniture until we're old and retired.  Second of all, you're not our interior decorator.  Stop trying to buy furniture for our house.  If he liked that set, he should've bought it for his own damn house.  Just saying.

I cannot stand the meddling.  I think he assumes that since we are going to have two kid's and plan to go one income or me working part-time only that we won't be able to afford anything ever again.  He forgets that we are being responsible and not buying two brand new cars every six months.  Good for him if he makes six figures, but that doesn't make you "rich" by any means.  We have one car paid off and another to follow within the next five to six months.  There will be some other random small debts paid off too.  If I continued to work full-time and had two kid's in daycare, then we would have a "situation" on our hands because that would be about $1,500/mo for two kid's in daycare.

I just wish they would shut the hell up and worry about themselves.  I'm tired of having them make decisions for our family as if we can't make them for ourselves.  I'm tired of them assuming we have money troubles.  I'm tired of them assuming we can't do anything for ourselves.  They have their adult son (25) living with them still because I know they do the same shit to him too.  He enjoys it, so he figures why should he ever move out.

All I'm saying is, please let us purchase our own furniture for our house and stop complaining about the furniture we bought.  I really don't care if you think our couch is uncomfortable.  That's not my problem.  We bought our couch because it was comfortable for us.  It makes us happy, so deal with it.  Sit on some plastic $5 chair from Walmart if you hate our couch that much.  No one is stopping you from bringing your own chair.

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