Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cable Free

Heath & I decided to cancel our cable recently.  It was the best decision we have made.  We had one of the expanded cable packages through Cox.  Most of the time, our TV was on as background noise.  We don't have a lot of TV shows we actually sit down and make a habit of watching.  So instead of spending $75/mo for cable, we decided to axe it out of our budget.  Now we stick to Netflix and Hulu Plus.  A lot of the shows we watch can also be watched on the networks website the day after they air.  So it was nice to keep that extra money in our pockets instead of handing it over to Cox.

The week after next, the in-law's are coming to town for two weeks.  We are going to Disneyland and California Adventure Park over the weekend.  It will be my first time in California and the theme parks.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Carleigh is excited to go to Cars Land at California Adventure Park.  We will probably have a hard time getting her out of there.  I'm hoping we can head out to the beach on Thursday evening.  I've been to the Atlantic Ocean many years ago, so it will be nice to finally get to the Pacific Ocean.  We have lived in Nevada for five years now and could have gone to California at anytime, but we never did.  Now I can cross it off my list of places to go.

We started working on our backyard last weekend.  I helped for about 20 minutes, but since I'm pregnant... I'm pretty useless when it comes to raking up the bigger rocks and smoothing the dirt.  I'll let Heath do a majority of that.  I'll pick out the flowers/shrubs and plant those when it's time.  We are hoping we can have the entire backyard done by spring.  We are going to grass most of the backyard, put a few pavers that lead to Carleigh's play house, and I really want a fire pit for our cooler months.  It will be a fairly easy backyard to maintain, which is what we are going for.

My next appointment is on the 17th.  I'll be 13 weeks pregnant by then.  Everything has been going well so far.  The only downside is anything chicken makes me nauseous and sometimes makes me throw up.  No morning sickness.  Yay!  I've only gained two pounds within the first trimester.  I still have one week to go in the first trimester though, so we will see where I am at weight-wise on Tuesday.  I've had more back aches than last time.  I want to sleep more than last time too.  On the weekends, I will sometimes sleep from 9pm-9am.  It feels great too!

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