Friday, June 14, 2013

My Lasik Experience

Lasik, how I love thee!

Yesterday was my Lasik procedure and things went great!  Heath was my ride to and from the office.  The night before and right before the procedure, I was so nervous.  Before the procedure, I was taken into the exam room to have another round of eye drops put in and to down a Valium and another pain reliever, Tylenol.  The doctor came into the room to introduce himself and let me know what to expect.  A couple of people were ahead of me, so he told me to wait a few minutes and he'd come and get me when it was my turn.  I kept watching the people in front of me walking out and they were not blind, so my nerves started to calm down a bit.

Once it was my turn, I was taken into the procedure room.  It was a basic room with a couple of laser machines and comfortable leather chairs.  I was told to lay back, keep my hands to my side and the whole thing would begin.  The doctor talked me through every single step of the procedure.  The only time there was any type of "pain" was at the very beginning.  I can't even call it pain, it was just a lot of pressure for the first 20 seconds of both eyes.  He put some thing over my eye and you could see white dots, colored dots, and then darkness.  The dots were pretty.  After that, your vision came back and the laser came in to do its thing.  The only thing that was a little weird was when the machine was cutting the flap.  It made a weird buzzing noise and had a smell to it.  It wasn't nasty or anything.  You could just tell something was burning/being cut.  Each eye took about three minutes.  The doctor told me, "Okay, your right eye is done."  My response, "That's it?"  His reply, "Yes.  That was it."  No pains, no headaches, no nothing!

After both eyes were done, I put on the sunglasses given to me in my kit and Heath drove me to get some lunch before going home to rest.  My vision was a bit cloudy/blurry right after the procedure, but that's a given.  My biggest annoyance with the whole thing was the teary eyes and the feeling of having sand in my eyes.  Those are common too, but those two bothered me the most.  I went upstairs to sleep, since it's suggested you do so for at least four hours after the procedure.  The whole time in bed, it felt like I was bawling my eyes out because of the teary-eyes.

Once the nap was over, I got to start taking my prescription eye drops and using my artificial tear drops.  I've never used eye drops of any kind so getting used to it is a bit much at first.  Since I wasn't allowed to watch television, use the computer, read books, etc.. the entire day and evening was boring.  I'll admit I did use Facebook on my phone to let people know I wasn't blind.  Other then that though, I sat on the couch with my eyes closed.

At night, I have to wear goggles to sleep.  It's to avoid rubbing or scratching my eyes.  Those have to be worn for the first 2-3 weeks after the surgery.  It's easier to sleep in them than I thought it would be.  Carleigh told me she likes the goggles and that I should wear them all the time.  She's a dork.

Today is one day after surgery and things are great!  I had my post-op checkup at 10:30am and my vision was 20/20 in both eyes.  My right eye is 20/20 and my left eye is lagging a bit at 20/30.  My eyes are still healing, so I hope by my one week check up I'll have 20/20 in my left eye too.

If anyone was ever thinking of getting Lasik done, I would highly recommend it.  I got the All Laser Premium Lasik and it was amazing.  It's the best thing I have ever spent my money on.

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