Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Been One Week

Today was my one week checkup for my Lasik.  Things still look great.  While doing the eye test, I missed one letter on the 20/15 line and I was only able to read one letter on the 20/10 line.  I'm okay with that though.  There was no way in heck I was expecting eagle vision.  The tear duct plug in my left eye had popped out some time over the week and the doctor put it back in.  She told me to come back at any time it pops out.  It popped out again after I got back to work.  So yes, I was at the Lasik office twice today.  The doctor put in a smaller plug in hopes the plug would stay in, but that didn't work either.  She said my tear duct in my left eye may be shallower than my right and that's why I am having issues with them staying in.  Since I haven't been experiencing dry eyes, she took the plug out of my left eye and told me to come back for a permanent plug if there is dryness.  So far, so good.  My next checkup is July 10 and I am hoping I can get every single letter on the 20/15 line.

For Carleigh's birthday parties, I ordered a Hello Kitty (this week) and a Dora the Explorer (next week) cake.  I love the cakes from Sam's Club.  We ordered her an Angry Birds cake last year from that and it was delicious.  Carleigh wanted a Minnie Mouse cake, but no one had just a Minnie Mouse cake and I didn't feel like going to a cake shop to order one.  Maybe next year I'll get her a really cute fondant Minnie Mouse cake from one of our local bakeries.

After work on Friday, I'll be getting the Jaguar a much needed bath.  That car hasn't been washed since before we left for Phoenix over Memorial Day weekend.  It's a disaster and totally embarrassing to be cruising around town in a dirty car.  There is no rain in the forecast so far.  I'm sure we will get some surprise storms roll through a couple of days after the car is washed.  It always happens.

There will probably be no more updates to my blog until Monday since we will have family in town over the weekend.

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