Friday, May 30, 2014

Tailbone Injury

On Wednesday night, while getting ready for work, I managed to injure myself.  I always sit on the stairs to put my shoes on.  When I sat down that night, I missed the step somehow and slammed my tailbone right into the edge of the step.  Ouch.  It hurt so much.  It took awhile for me to get up and try to walk it off.  I went out to my car to head out to work.  When I was backing down the driveway, that small little bump gave me more pain.  I continued to drive, but every little bump I hit, I could feel the pain.  So I decided to turn around and go back home.  I was hoping if I just relaxed and slept it off, things would be fine the next day.

The next morning, I was still feeling the pain.  I had to text Heath and have him come home because the pain was so intense when Amelia fell asleep on me.  I could not move.  When I did try to move, I felt pain every where.  It was awful.  In order to get up, I had to roll Amelia off of me and then slowly move around until I could tolerate the pain just enough so I could stand up.  My pain doesn't hurt when I'm standing or walking, only while sitting or bending over.

Once Heath got home, I went to the ER to get checked out.  I got some x-rays done.  The results came back negative.  There was no fracture.  I ended up spraining/bruising my tailbone.  I was given some pain medication and a work note for 72 hours and sent on my way.  The hydrocodone I was given works, but it makes me feel nauseous.  I hate it.  But like I said, it helps with the pain.  I cannot wait until I don't feel the pain anymore.

I'll be going back to work on Tuesday.  I only work part-time, so my next scheduled day after my work note expires will be Tuesday.  At that point, I'm still going to avoid driving certain cars.  I have a hard enough time getting out of my car, which is a sedan that doesn't sit that low to the ground.  I have a feeling I would get stuck in the Corvette's, Mustang's, and Camaro's.  I think I'll try to stick to the SUV's and bigger sedans.  I just want to go back to work.  My job is only part-time as it is and I hate not going.

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