Friday, June 20, 2014

Not Getting Paid

I started my part-time job a month ago.  It's an OK job.  Nothing spectacular.  I wasn't looking for a career job, just something to do to cover the smaller bills with my pay.  On my first paycheck, I only received 20 hours worth of pay.  I work 20 hours a week, so my paycheck was suppose to be more than 20 hours of pay.  When I talked to the office assistant (not sure of her actual title), she said that wasn't right (umm.. duh), and that she would tell the manager and get me a check by Wednesday with my missing hours.  Wednesday came and went and there was no check.  I told Heath I wasn't going into work until I got all of my missing hours.  I am 40 hours short.  Not one or two hours, but a huge chunk.  If it was just a couple of hours, I wouldn't be so upset.  The next pay period is the 27th and I'm afraid that my hours will still be short on that one.  So, I am refusing to work until I get all of the money that is rightfully owed to me.  I'm calling in sick on my scheduled days.  I've talked to other employee's and was told this kind of thing has happened to them in the past too.  This isn't a first time "oops!", this is an ongoing problem and that's why I refuse to go in until I'm paid for the work I did the past couple of weeks.  This is a company that's pretty much impossible to get fired from.

It's just beyond irritating.  If I don't see all of my money on the 27th, I'll be making a call to the labor department.  I'm currently looking around for a new job, but it's hard to find a place that will work around my silly schedule.  On weeknights, I can only start work around 5:30pm or 6pm.  The 5:30pm schedule would have to be for a place really close to our house.  Weekends aren't that big of a deal, it's the weekdays that I need to be very flexible.  I really do hope I'll see the correct amount of hours/pay on my check next week though.  I don't mind working where I do.  But I do mind when people try to screw me over.  We have bills to pay, you know?  If I didn't pay my bills, or didn't pay exactly what I was suppose to pay, I'd be charged late fees/interest.  It would be nice if I could charge this company a late fee and interest for paying me late.  That would be nice.

On Monday night, my in-law's fly into town.  Oh joy.  However, they already know they are not welcomed at our house when Heath is at work.  So I won't have to entertain them all day.  That's not my job.  You fly out to Las Vegas and not verify with us if those days work first?  Cool.  Enjoy casino hopping.  They will be here a few nights a week for dinner after Heath is done with work and then on Saturday & Sunday.  I don't want them here every night for dinner though.  I'm not going to entertain people who feel so entitled to believe they are welcomed in our home whenever they decide to fly out here.  What's so hard about calling someone and saying, "Hey, we are thinking about coming to visit you guys on X dates.  Do those days work for you?"  Common courtesy goes a long way.

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