Saturday, September 8, 2012

Closing Day

We closed on our house yesterday.  It took about 30 minute to sign all of the paperwork.  It went so fast for us because I knew what each and every single piece of paperwork was since I am in the mortgage industry.  The only downside is that we didn't receive our keys after closing.  The lender was still trying to get the final amount to wire.  It took another 30 minutes after close to get that amount.  We rushed to Wells Fargo to wire the amount.  It was wired before the cut off, but the amount wasn't received until it was too late to fund our loan.  The loan will be funded and recorded on Monday.  We were told we will receive our keys by 4 or 5pm on Monday.  I hope it will be a little earlier than that though.

We planned on moving today, but we rescheduled our movers for Tuesday morning.  It really sucks because we were hoping to be in our house today.  The only positive out of moving on Tuesday is that Carleigh will be in daycare.  It will make the move a little smoother without having to chase after a three year old while the guys are loading/unloading the truck.  With a move date during the week, I won't have time to actually enjoy our new house until the weekend rolls around again.  I'll be working 10 hour days to make up for my missed day on Tuesday.

It is great to be at the very end of this stressful roller coaster ride finally.  After the crap we went through from almost the start of this purchase, I don't think we will buy another house again.  And if we do buy another house, it will be paid with in cash.  The chances of that happening are very slim though.

I'll make sure to update my blog as soon as we are settled into the house.  There will be plenty of interior pictures too.

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