Sunday, September 23, 2012

All Moved In

We are all moved into our new home.  We have been here almost two weeks now.  It's so nice to finally have a place of our own.  It doesn't feel like we live in Las Vegas anymore.  We are so far out from everything.  It's amazing.  The "nosiest" thing you hear out here is an airplane when they are on the flight path that skirts past our community.  We used to live two miles from the airport, so we used to hear a lot more airplane noise before.  Airplanes don't bother me at all.  So I guess we really don't have any noisy things out this way.  Unless you want to complain about the noisy crickets.

Our backyard was kept as a rock/dirt pile like a typical house out here.  Heath & I wanted to work on the backyard ourselves, but once we started digging back there, we realized how much of a mess it was.  Every time we would dig in one section, there were huge rocks.  I don't mind the smaller/average sized rocks, but some of these are big enough to throw at a window and bust it up.  We have decided to go the landscaper route.  We don't want to keep our backyard a pile of dirt and rocks.  We want some grass back there, especially with having a kid.  Carleigh needs a place to play.

There isn't much to really update, so I'll throw in some pictures of the interior of our home.  Our blinds have been ordered and will be installed once they are done.  Our windows are naked until later this week... I hope!

This is the entry way into our home.

Carleigh's bathroom.

Carleigh's bathroom counter area.

Walking down the hallway, into Carleigh's bedroom.


Dining room.

Dishwasher and a corner of our kitchen island.

Fridge and pantry.

Sink & mirror of our downstairs bathroom.

Another shot of the downstairs bathroom.

Laundry room.  Huge thanks to my in-law's for the washer & dryer.  These appliances play a tune when your laundry is done.  It's so cool.

Living room.

The view you see once you come in the front door.  We have a very open floor plan downstairs.  We love it!

Going up the stairs towards the loft.  I plan on having a "second living room" up here in the near future.

Master bathroom counter.  We have a medicine cabinet on both sides.

Shower/tub area.

View of the master bedroom from the huge walk-in closet.

View of the master bedroom from the bathroom.

Carleigh going up the stairs.


Third bedroom.  This will be a guest room until we decide to add baby #2.

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