Sunday, September 2, 2012


Our weekend has been spent packing and cleaning everything out of our apartment.  Our close date will more than likely be on Friday, September 7.  It could be as early as Thursday, but we aren't going to have a moving company here until Saturday morning.  We had things packed up a few weeks ago, but now we are trying to finish up.  Heath & I both have tomorrow (Monday) off as well, so anything we don't finish today will be done tomorrow.

This morning, I took four bags of clothes and a box of toys to the donation center.  I cannot believe how much clothing piles up in our household.  A majority of it belongs to Carleigh.  We really need to get grandparent's under control on clothing.  I don't think Miss Carleigh needs twenty (20) different outfits for every season.

After all of this packing, I never want to move again.  We have accumulated so much stuff after Carleigh was born.  It makes it seem like this round of packing is taking much longer than it should.  Or maybe it feels like it is taking forever since the last time we moved was back in December 2009.

Once we get moved in, there won't be much time for relaxing.  Heath is taking a week and a half off to work on the landscaping in the backyard.  He will also be the fortunate one who gets to wait for Sears to come by and hookup the washer & dryer.  Lowe's will be out to measure our windows that same week (or day).  And, of course, we can't forget about the utility hookups.  I'll be working and unpacking once my work day is over.

I'll be so happy once everything is complete.  It will be nice to relax in our new home.  We busted our asses off for this house and we deserve to sit on our asses and enjoy it after everything is done.

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