Sunday, February 19, 2012

That dirty four letter word

Our family was enjoying a nice bacon & egg breakfast this morning when Carleigh decided to blurt out a dirty word. Carleigh's been in the habit of repeating everything she hears, but nobody at the table had said that word. It shocked me when Carleigh shouted, "FUCK!" Our windows were open. I just pray none of our neighbor's were walking by during Carleigh's F word yelling. She said it about four times and then stopped. Heath & I really weren't sure how to react to it. Of course we told Carleigh not to say that word, it's a bad word. There's just something about a two year old cursing that makes you laugh though. She has no idea what she's saying and since she's getting us to laugh, she kept yelling it. I told Heath we had to stop laughing and act like it was no big deal and she would stop. When and if she uses that word, or any other curse word again, we will have to use a time-out or some other discipline.

I'm sure someone reading this thinks Heath & I are bad parents, but let's face it, kids are going to say bad words. They don't know it's bad. They just heard it at some point in time and decide to repeat it. We are just very thankful we weren't in a store, restaurant or daycare! I'd be so upset if Carleigh used any curse word in front of her classmates. It was embarrassing enough having her shout that word in our own home. I do not want to ever hear her do it in public.

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