Wednesday, April 8, 2015

First Birthday

This blog is a few weeks late.

Amelia celebrated her first birthday on March 20.  It's hard to imagine her being one year old already.  Time flies.  She's so big now too.  I mean, like, bigger than your average one year old.  At her one year checkup (on her birthday!), she was 26 1/2 inches tall and weighed 22 lbs.  She's wearing 18 month clothes currently.  Most of her 12 month clothes are too tight on her.  It's insane!  We're even giving her some of Carleigh's old pajamas in the 2T/3T size and they fit her well.  They are the pajama gowns, so that explains it.  It's good for length.  Most of Carleigh's 2T/3T sized clothing was going to be donated, but now I'm sending it all over to Amelia's closet.  That will save me a few dollars here and there.  I bought Amelia a 2T swimsuit for our trip to Santa Monica in a few weeks, too.  The 18 month swimsuits looked way too small for her.  We got a tall girl on our hands.

When it comes to walking/standing independently, we're still working on that.  Amelia has no real interest in walking yet, which is fine with me.  She's a very fast crawler and loves getting into everything.  She can stand up on her own while holding onto something.  She loves her music table and the couch as props.  She's also not too interested in pulling herself up on objects yet either.  With food, she's good with the pincer grasp, but doesn't put the food in her mouth.  She finds it fun to pick up food and then fling it on the floor.  That means I spend more time sweeping/vacuuming the kitchen floor.  It's fine with me.  At least she's experimenting.

Carleigh returned back to school this Monday after being off for Spring break.  Her break was only a week long.  She's in school this week and next week before her five week track break starts.  Our only plans so far is to visit Santa Monica for a weekend.  Otherwise, we will be hanging out at home or at the park before it gets too hot.  Thankfully we have splash pads at the two parks Carleigh likes the most.

Not much else has been happening in our house.  We did paint our half bathroom downstairs.  It's a really pretty light blue color called Crashing Waves.  I'm going for a beach theme in that room and it fits perfectly.  Here's a picture before the room was finished.

All I need to do now is get the shelves and decorations I want and it will be complete.  While at Home Depot getting the paint for this bathroom, I picked out some colors for our master bathroom.  Not sure when we will paint that room, but at least I've got some ideal colors ready.

My mom mailed the title out to the Lincoln last week as well.  So now I have the oh-so-fun joy of going to the DMV in the upcoming week(s) to transfer everything over to my name and getting the car licensed in Nevada.  This is what the car looks like, it's obviously the blue car on the left.  The white car is our Jaguar XJ.  I took this picture after Heath washed both cars and waxed the Lincoln on Sunday afternoon.

It's not the best picture.  I'm looking forward to getting limo tint on that bad boy.  The weather is going to be heating up soon and I need the car to stay a little cool.  Also, I'm tired of people being able to see all of my business in my car.  In my S-Type, the girls had complete privacy in the backseat.  The windows were blacked out.  So I'm looking forward to returning them to that "luxury".

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