Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Induction Day

It's finally Wednesday.  I'm being induced at 6pm this evening.  It's crazy to think that in about 12-14 hrs I will have a brand new baby to hold.  I'm really hoping this delivery goes as smoothly as Carleigh's did.  We have everything I can possibly think of packed and ready.  When Carleigh woke up this morning, I told her that her baby sister was going to come tonight.  Her first response was, "YAY!!!!"  So at least she's excited for right now.  She even repeated to me what I've been telling her for a couple of weeks now, "the baby needs a lot of attention."

Heath & I have already told both sides of the family not to bombard us with text messages and phone calls for the first couple of days.  We want time for all of us to bond with the baby and we also need to make sure Carleigh is bonding well too.  When I had Carleigh, I had my phone going off every 20 minutes.  It was very annoying and such a distraction.  It was stressful too.  I mostly had an issue with my mom.  I remember one day, she called me when Heath had ran home real quick to take a shower and take care of the cats.  Carleigh was fussing a lot.  I was trying to get her fed, burped, changed, etc... When my mom called, Carleigh had made a mess of her diaper and threw up.  And, of course, Carleigh was crying a lot because that's what babies do.  My mom's response to my stress case at the moment?  Laughter.  Yes.  She laughed because I had no help and was trying to take care of my baby as quickly as possible.  It was so rude and I'll never forget it.  So I don't want to deal with that again.  My mom swears up and down that she understands not to call/text us for updates.  We will see how long that lasts.  We told everyone we will update them when we have the time to do so.  If anyone finds that rude, tough cookies.

I'm hoping to be released from the hospital after 24 hrs, but that's probably wishful thinking.  I don't like staying in hospitals.  My home is so much more calmer and relaxing.  We won't have to deal with visits from family until June.  We already openly expressed we didn't want people here a week or two after the baby was born.  That was so much stress last time too.  Our neighbor across the street said she'd drop off some dinner on Sunday night.  That's super nice of her to do.  One less thing for us to do that evening.  So really, only our neighbors will see the baby almost right away.  But they don't hang around our house and bug us all day.

I'll try to update again when I have some free time after we arrive home.

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