Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stuffed Animal Donations

A couple of days ago, a woman made a post in a local group I am a member of on Facebook looking for gently used stuffed animals.  Carleigh has a ton of stuffed animals that she rarely plays with and figured it would be a good time to go through all of them over the weekend.  It's for a good cause after all.  As I mentioned in my previous post, my house is unorganized.  This woman making that post saved my day and gave me the motivation to clean up one area of the house.

On Saturday afternoon, I took all of the stuffed animals from Carleigh's room and put them on the floor in Amelia's room.  There was more space in Amelia's room for all of the stuffed animals.  Carleigh came upstairs with me after that and I had her pick the ones she wanted to keep.  She decided to keep all of her Dr. Seuss stuffed animals, which I don't blame her.  Those are her favorite stuffed animals and they go along with the books she has.  I explained to her that other kid's would love to have even one stuffed animal as they might not have any at all.  So she picked a bunch to give to other kids.  I think it's really important to let your kid's go through their own toys for donating.  That way you can explain to them why you're doing it and it teaches them about giving too.  It's a good lesson for our young ones.

The woman who made the post on Facebook stopped by sometime on Sunday afternoon to pick them up.  She said I could leave them outside the front door and she would pick them up without hassling us.  I liked doing it that way since we didn't have to make sure we were home.

I'm looking forward to more organization and donations in the upcoming weeks.  This whole house needs it.

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