Friday, February 28, 2014

Bed Rest

On Monday, I was put on bed rest after taking yet another trip to triage.  My bed rest was only for a week.  Unfortunately I will have to go back to work on Tuesday.  I was getting some sharp pains in my left side and contractions while at work, but by time I was in triage and hooked up to the machines, all contractions and pains had stopped.  I wonder why?  Couldn't possibly be the stress from work.  I also had another cough attack and bloody nose while in triage that afternoon.  So the laborist/doctor wrote me out for a week on behalf of my doctor.  Her main concern, I believe, was to help me get over my illness and to make sure I can relax until I am considered full-term.  Since I've been home, I haven't had too many issues with contractions.  I get them, but nothing like while at work.  They aren't as frequent at home.  There would be no surprise if I end up in triage later next week again.  I really hope I am wrong though.  I wanted my doctor to take me out of work completely when I was in his office Wednesday, but he wouldn't.  Guess I'll make another case to him if I do end up in triage again after getting back to work.

The doctor did mention I could be induced at 39 weeks if I would like to be.  I will let that all depend on how I'm dilating.  If I feel like it's progressing quickly, I'll figure out what day would be best.  I'd like to pick March 20, because that's the day Carleigh guessed her baby sister would be born.  I want to let her win our little household contest.  I picked the 17th and Heath picked the 22nd.  So if the baby doesn't arrive before 39 weeks and I'm 'OK' to be induced, then I'd love to have all of it done on the 20th.  It would make Carleigh happy.

My bed rest week has included watching a little bit of Netflix, but mostly playing GTA: Online.  I've turned into such a gamer since being at home every day.  I don't feel bad.  I should get all my play time in while I can before the baby is born.  I won't have much free time to play once baby A is here.  Carleigh will be out of preschool and home with me all day too at that point.  So no time for anything really.  Just taking care of the baby and helping Carleigh with some kindergarten prep.

I hope the next time I update this blog, it won't have anything to do with another trip to triage.  I'm kind of tired of being there.  I'd like to not go back to the hospital until it's time to deliver the baby.

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